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TDWJC 2019 Officers

Officers Crystal Cotton

Crystal Cotton


Officers Deborah Sizemore

Deborah L. Sizemore


Officers Louann Rice

Louanne Rice
Board Member
(Audit Committee)


Officers Cindy Rocha

Cindy Rocha
1st Vice President
(Communications Chair)


Officers Sonya Woodall

Sonya Woodall


Officers Diana Weaver

Diana Weaver
Board Member
(Awards Committee)


Sheryl Gray

Sheryl Gray
2nd Vice President (Membership Chair)


Officers Jennifer

Jennifer Evans
Sergeant at Arms
(Elections Committee)


You heard right! Johnson County Democrats have our very own Santa Claus, and he'll be at the December 11 JCDP Social!

Michael Lummus
Board Member
(Bylaws & Policies)


Officers Kathy Chasteen

Kathy Chasteen